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The Choir

The Choir

Voyces prides itself on its unique connectedness within our choir. The seamless blend of talented singers from diverse backgrounds provides the choir with a fresh and unique sound. The group’s cohesion and vibrant passion for music inspires and moves members and audiences alike.


Retha Agenbach
Rose Belford
Elyse Belford-Thomas
Georgia Crowe
Jade Els
Kira O’Dell
Jada Rattray
Ellie Seng
Cate Tweedie


Thomas Cotter
Kieran Lynch
Ciaran McChord
Stefan Pugliese
Alex Wheeler


Rachel Doulton
Emily Gelineau
Greta Hays
Sharmaine Tan
Gabrielle Scheggia
Lydia Gardiner
Maduvanthi Venkatesan


Liam Auhl
Alec Barclay
Sholto Foss
Curtis Novacsek
Christopher Tay
Jack Kay
Peter McUtchen
Matthew Smith
Joshua Sumich